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General Insurance 

All Lines 
 "Earthquake!" - 1 CE Credit
 "Help Beyond Insurance - Disaster Financial Aid" - 1 CE Credit
 "Inspections, not Exclusions, Best Weapon with Grow-ops" - 1 CE Credit
 "Liability Insurance for Strata Corporations" - 1 CE Credit
 "More Coverage? Or Less? - Extensions and Sub-limits" - 1 CE Credit
 "Rising Water" - 1 CE Credit
 "Sticks & Stones - Defamation in a Wired World" - 1 CE Credit
 "You had me at 'Application' " - 1 CE Credit

Commercial Lines 
 "An Introduction to Receivables Insurance" - 1 CE Credit
 "At Renewal Time, Opportunity Knocks" - 1 CE Credit
 "Cyber Risks - An Insurance Perspective" - 1 CE Credit
 "Degrees of Loss - Economic Loss" - 1 CE Credit
 "Employee Dishonesty - A Costly Affair for a Business" - 1 CE Credit
 "Legal Action - Legal Expenses Insurance" - 1 CE Credit
 "Manage the Risk - Assessing Commercial Risks" - 1 CE Credit
 "Surety Bonds - Who Needs Them?" - 1 CE Credit
 "Taking Care of Business ... Interruption" - 1 CE Credit
 "The Fine Art of Limiting Liability" - 1 CE Credit
 "The Not-So-Obvious Risks of Not-for-Profit D&O Liability " - 1 CE Credit
 "The Relevance of Extra Expense Insurance" - 1 CE Credit
 "What Does a CGL Policy Cover After Progressive Homes?" - 1 CE Credit
 "Wrap it Up" - Wrap-Up Insurance - 2 CE Credits

Personal Lines 
 "Bon Voyage?" - Travel Insurance - 1 CE Credit
 "Electrical Risks in Older Homes Explained" - 2 CE Credits
 "Home Construction from the Bottom Up" - 1 CE Credit
 "Hot! Hot! Hot! - Wood-burning Appliances" - 1 CE Credit
 "House Rules - Residential Building Codes" - 1 CE Credit
 "House Styles: Stepping Outside the Box" - 2 CE Credits
 "Insuring Condominium Units" - 1 CE Credit
 "Let's Talk a Little Business" - Home Based Business Insurance - 1 CE Credit
 "Light Truck, Heavy Trailer" - 1 CE Credit
 "Nobody's Home - Court Decisions about Vacancy" - 1 CE Credit
 "Strata Round-up" - 1 CE Credit
 "Take an Umbrella - Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance" - 1 CE Credit
 "The Bare Necessities - A Primer on Bare Land Stratas" - 1 CE Credit
 "Water Damage: the Next Big Thing" - 2 CE Credits
 Yacht Insurance Part 1 - "Safe Harbours for Your Boating Clients" - 1 CE Credit
 Yacht Insurance Part 2 - "Chart the Right Course" - 1 CE Credit
Insurance Legislation and Requirements 
 "A New Act Takes the Stage - The BC Insurance Act" - 2 CE Credits
 "Do the Right Thing - Code of Conduct & Conflict of Interest Issues" - 1 CE Credit
 "Privacy Breach Claims" - 1 CE Credit
 "The Rules" - 3 CE Credits
Brokerage Management 
 "Calculating the Cost of Workplace Conflict" - 1 CE Credit (Level 3s Only)
 "Eight Organisational Changes that Pose the Greatest Risk of Employee Conflict" - 1 CE Credit (Level 3s Only)
 "Manage Differences to Improve Office Relationships" - 1 CE Credit (Level 3s Only)
 "Pillars of Strength: Managing Data Back-ups" - 1 CE Credit (Level 3s Only)
 "The E&O Considerations of Using Social Media" - 1 CE Credit (Level 3s Only)

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Broker licensees are responsible for managing their own continuing education (CE) requirements. HyperArticles completed for the purpose of renewing a license should expand on your knowledge. Current CE regulations may not allow you to use credits from completing the same HyperArticle more than once. Furthermore, you are not permitted to earn/declare more than seven (7) hours of CE credits from a single day. For further information on these and other CE regulations, please refer to the Insurance Council of BC website or contact their office directly.